The Impact of Decision Making

As designers, we are often driven by our emotional thinking or tend to create according to what we already know, by convenience. But as design managers, our role is to take a step back on the situation and challenge the context we sometimes take for granted. This is why the impact or decision making can … Continue reading The Impact of Decision Making



From the 30th of March to the 2nd of September, V&A Childhood museum is holding an exhibition about Nordic Design for Children from 20th century till today. Who never played with Lego ? or shopped furnitures from IKEA ? Today Nordic design is everywhere and with the growth of Scandinavian design trend during these past … Continue reading V&A CHILHOOD

DOUBT IS BEAUTIFUL (Personal Manifesto)

I am a rational person, but driven by emotions. I am organised, but stimulated by stressful situations. In life nothing is black or white, but colored by an infinite amount of shades, bringing slowly everything to be because of it's opposite. In life, we've often been told from an early age that we need to … Continue reading DOUBT IS BEAUTIFUL (Personal Manifesto)


During these past few weeks, we were very fortunate to join a new partnership between Digicatapult London and UAL. Introduced to the new technologies development Digicatapult are working on along many start-ups, we were challenged in groups to come up with ideas around given subjects (5G connectivity, Block Chains...). Despite a certified interest in new … Continue reading IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE AT DIGICATAPULT