During these past few weeks, we were very fortunate to join a new partnership between Digicatapult London and UAL. Introduced to the new technologies development Digicatapult are working on along many start-ups, we were challenged in groups to come up with ideas around given subjects (5G connectivity, Block Chains…).

Despite a certified interest in new techs, the intangible aspect of technologies was the most difficult thing to grasp as my designer background brought me to reflect on tangible objects, this was a first for me. This is why I decided to go for the VR and Immersive labs challenge where I felt the most confortable, a bridge between digital technologies and physical interactions. In the end, this 4 weeks long project brought me a lot of excitement and shown me how creativity in digital companies is

The overall project was a real gain of experience, learning how to work remotely with a team and deliver a disruptive project to Digicatapult. However, communication between team members was not at it’s best : organizing a meeting with members located in a different time zone is a hard challenge despite our daily messages on Slack or What’sApp

I have to say that starting with a bad communication in the group had an impact on our project. As we didn’t really talked together, it was hard to bring motivation to our group at first, and the most important thing : To be sure we ALL understood the task.

Despite numerous meeting attempt, we managed to get the work done. As I was engaged in the project framing since the beginning, I would have involved my self more in the second half of the project and try to lift the group to jump on board better as we faced a situation where we all looked at each other, waiting the other to do the first move.

In the end, we still managed to get our project done and are proud of it. However these up-listed issues we face brings me to consider differently the project organising we had. For the next time, working remotely is not a obstacle at all, as long as the project framing and tasks have been assigned prior the worldwide split of the team, this would bring more engagement and communication to the team and certainly help the project to reach it’s outcome in a smooth way. To conclude, getting to know what type of team players the members are could be relevant as well, in order to work among different personalities and profiles. Getting to know our peers and ourselves, helps us to manage a project better as a group, I think.

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