DOUBT IS BEAUTIFUL (Personal Manifesto)

I am a rational person, but driven by emotions. I am organised, but stimulated by stressful situations. In life nothing is black or white, but colored by an infinite amount of shades, bringing slowly everything to be because of it’s opposite.

In life, we’ve often been told from an early age that we need to make choices and to be sure about them. “Decide who do you want to be and what do you want to do” : We have to decide how our life is going to look like, in a world that leaves no room for doubt. But in the end, I can only be certain of my uncertainty and how it empowers all of us.

As a creative person, doubt is what drives me as it brings me to question myself. “Is that approach relevant ? Is that drawing actually accurate enough ?”. Being a designer is not easy as our creations encapsulate a bit of ourselves that we let go and grow, so by fear of failure, we often retain ourselves to dare and be truly ourselves.

Doubt in creativity is beautiful because it’s what makes us human, and what makes us grow. It pushes us to think foreward and beyond our actions. This is a strength we all have inside of us that we need to master and not retain.

Do not be afraid of yourself or what you think as in the end this is You that matters. Ourself and our doubts shapes our singularity. But beyond the doubt it is all about what do we do from it. I would say that at the second you stop doubting about your creations you fall in your creative comfort zone, where you do what you know will work, but also what might be expected. Uncertainty is the key to surprise, to reinvent and to perfect a project.

We should not be afraid of our doubts as they are part of our creative process. Doubts are beautiful.




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